Announcing PowerVCF 2.1.0

So I finally got the time and opportunity to start contributing to this great initiative. I’ve done lots of work with and around PowerVCF before, but never actually contributed code. Thats changed with this release. Hurrah!

In my spare time, I’ve been doing a lot of PowerShell development on internal tooling used to prepare for and automate VMware Cloud Foundation lab deployments. So some of the enhancements in this release are based on my experiences as a user of PowerVCF, and helping out with how it handles itself when it comes to scripts being written around it.

Therefore my contributions this time around were about helping swap out and alias some of the cmdlets where PowerShell didnt like the look of their names and also in how it handles itself in terms of standard and error output streams.

If you were scripting with it before and it bothered you that you couldn’t suppress messages that were popping up in your scripts, then you may sleep better with 2.1.0.

Lots of other improvements in mind, around pipeline use amongst other things, but have to keep reminding myself that we all have a day job too 🙂

@GaryJBlake has also updated several functions and added some new goodies for you to look forward to. Check them all out on the What’s New section at PowerVCF 2.1.0 Git Page

And to install from the PowerShell Gallery:

Install-Module -Name PowerVCF


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